Our breakthrough in the healthcare industry happened in 2001 when we opened “Mala Bogorodica-Sistina" Specialized Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynecology - a place where care for the reproductive women's health acquired a completely new dimension. The positive results we achieved in this completely new business segment, proved to us that regardless the area of investment, it is the amount of love and dedication...

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Acibadem is the largest private healthcare provider network in Turkey, opening its first hospital in 1991. The network offers top notch diagnostic and treatment services by highly qualified professionals, using state of the art medical technology, modern infrastructure, and operations in compliance with JCI medicare standards. he network comprises of 16 fully equipped general hospitals and 11 outpatient..

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The Center for Oncology and Radiation Therapy at Acibadem Sistina Clinical Hospital is equipped with up-to-date devises. PET / CT, CT (128 slice), MRI (1, 5 tesla) offer precise and accurate cancer diagnosis, as well as modern laboratory analysis. Radiation Therapy is performed by the most powerful accelerator in the world TRILOGY, which allows application of high-radiation doses directly to the ....

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After the cancer diagnosis, you ask yourself – what now? Do I need to continue with the everyday activities, do I need to change my diet or my lifestyle? There are moments when you needed professional help to overcome the fear and uncertainty. The Center for Oncology and Radiotherapy offers full support for all aspects related to your everyday life.


Patients often exhibit similar reactions on hearing they have cancer. Their first reaction is the feeling of shock and denial. Although there are psychological changes to adapt to the disease over  time, patients may sometimes need professional assistance.

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The most common causes of pain in patients suffering from cancer, can be the cancer itself or the treatment for the same. The cancer by itself does not hurt, nonetheless it may be the cause of pain, assuming it pressures the surrounding nerves ..

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Palliative care, a modern oncologic approach, is applied to patients who have just been diagnosed withcancer, who are receiving treatment and who are in the terminal period of their life.The final phase of the disease is accepted by the patient and ...

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Cancer is a general name for a group of 100 diseases. All these diseases have in common the fact that they start by uncontrolled growing up of abnormal cells that may attack other tissues and organs.Cancer is a destructive disease and the number of cancer patients is constantly increasing. 

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There are more than 100 different types of cancer with different symptoms. Therefore it is impossible to determine a specific group of symptoms that is characteristic of this type of disease. Consequently, the cancer is a disease that has no specific symptoms.  

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Research studies have revealed the relationship between nutrition and cancer. The primary cause of many types of cancer, such as stomach cancer, cancers of the colon and rectum, liver cancer, pancreas cancer, kidney cancer and prostate cancer is nutrition.

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Early and accurate diagnosis is of crucial importance for patients with malignant diseases. The malignant diseases which are diagnosed in their early stage have a bigger chance for a successful treatment and allow a better quality of life. “Acibadem Sistina” Clinical Hospital utilizes the most modern devices, techniques and procedures that detect even the most minimal pathological changes. 


Tumor markers are molecules, which indicate that the patient has a tumor if their  concentration values in blood, urine, or tissue are higher than usual. Their detection and measurement is used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer when determining the success of therapy. 

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The histopathological analysis plays an important role in the diagnosis of malignant diseases,since 70% of the diseases are diagnosed microscopically. Besides setting the diagnosis, the histopathology findings provide clear direction in addressing further patient treatment.

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Millions of patients worldwide beat cancer. You can beat cancer, however early detection is of utmost importance.Take care of your health. Many of these diseases don’t show signs in their early stage. Preventive examinations are the first step in early...

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Accurate radiological diagnosis is an essential part of deciding how treatment should be performed. Modern techniques and advanced technology are of paramount importance when performing radiological diagnosis, as well as an experienced radiology staff.

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The PET / CT device is used to identify tumors in their early stages, particularly for cancer treatment, and to determine whether these tumors are malign or benign. The device is also used in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and cardiological disorders.

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The Center for Oncology and Radiotherapy at “Acibadem Sistina” offers conditions that enable efficient, fast and accurate treatment in the fight against cancer. The powerful TRILOGY accelerator has brought revolution in radiotherapy. Thanks to its sophistication and power, the cancer receives high dose of radiation therapy, while the surrounding healthy tissue remains healthy. 


TRILOGY is a sophisticated linear accelerator which offers precise and efficient radiation therapy in treatment of malignant tumors. This device presents a new era in radiation therapy, especially by using stereotactic therapy and radiosurgery.

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The PET / CT device is used to identify tumors in their early stages, particularly for cancer treatment, and to determine whether these tumors are malign or benign. The device is also used in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and cardiological...

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Advanced technological devices which are used for cancer treatment in modern medicine, can significantly reduce the treatment time and thus improve the quality of life of patients. Also, certain malignant diseases can be completely cured.

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3 Tesla MRI will bring a new era in diagnostics, Dr. Dusko Mihajloski

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MRI 3 Tesla - New era in diagnostics

3 Tesla MRI is the most sophisticated magnetic resonance imaging device, available for…

Radiosurgery with the revolutionary TRILOGY only in Acibadem Sistina Hospital

Radiosurgery is a type of radiation therapy used to treat tumors, usually brain tumors,…


The humanity is a trademark for Acibadem Sistina

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